ReelMusician Film smallerRecording an audiobook can be very rewarding, not only with the, “I did it,” but with sales and income to back it up  .But many authors and publishers for that matter, make critical decision mistakes when working on their books and only think inside a narrow box, leaving an array of marketing advantages, that vanish into thin air without their knowledge.  But all hope is not lost.

Creating an effective marketing strategy for your audiobook needs to consider not only your social media campaigns and most notable online retailers, but you need to start thinking beyond that. The fact is, that most who record their book are lost when it comes to the marketing and promotional part and they end up leaving their final work on a few places, namely ACX/Audible.  That’s fine if you want to try and be found in the ocean of audiobooks there. The reasoning seems logical. They sell a lot of books and so I should invest a lot of time, create those 192kbps mp3s, preferably mono files, with .5 second on the front end, 3.5 seconds on the back end of each file, with RMS between -18 dB and -23 dB and with no peaks above -3 dB – “I’m good to go” – are you?

The fact is, that Audible is pretty greedy with their percentages and royalties. Does it really make sense to give so much of your hard earned dollars away to be lost in the barrage of books there, and will it really sell? I would re-visit that question. Are you really making an impact in your marketing strategy, to put all of your eggs in one basket? The answer is no. So what do you do?

You build an online strategy where you have multiple, non exclusive distribution outlets and work with those companies who are reasonable with their costs and splits, etc. Do the math, on Audible you’re giving away 60% to 75% of sales – that’s insane, and yet people jump through an extensive hoop list, to give them the right to take 60 – 75% of sales income.  You would be better off to take time building your own brand, on your website or blog and build it with social media, article submissions, great sounding audiobook trailers, then to give the farm away. That’s the reality. For all of the hoopla about Audible, how many do you think are really making big bucks selling on ACX – not many. Most are making numbers not worth mentioning, to nothing at all.

You want to super charge your audiobook promotion and take it to the next level, then start with building your promotional ideas that go outside the box of the major online retailers.  The cost to do a book promo tour through radio and your local cable station is really quite affordable, you’d be surprised. When we secure a radio station who will interview you about your book, you’ll be calling them from home or your mobile – you didn’t fly or drive anywhere. Things are a little different with cable, still quite doable though, in that you might be going to the local cable channel’s station or a main branch – ie you live in Chattanooga, TN and you drive to Atlanta for the interview on CNN, etc.  See where we’re going here? When you really put time and effort into your book, you could do quite well, but you have to get out of the mind set of minimal. Everyone puts it on online somewhere and so I’m done. No you’re not, if you want real success with your book. You’ll be done if you want to look and go down the same route as most of the other travelers who have a dream, but don’t commit to seeing it come to life with real sales and real recognition and numbers. Sure the audiobook is recorded, but it’s not going anywhere.

Creating a real and lasting audiobook promotional campaign is absolutely necessary, if you want to not only re-coup your dollars in recording, but to make real money from your book. Take the time now to do that.  At ReelMusicianPro, we specialize in audio book production and recording audio books, with a vast array of voice over talent, music, sound effects and marketing ideas to create your next audio book recording. And as a Grammy nominated audio book production company, we do it all. From editing and abridging your book and script, to recording the voice over, adding custom or library music, audio book trailers to delivering a fully designed and marketable audio book CD with artwork included if you desire – We Do It!

Our client and production history is pretty impressive! With clients from William Morris LA, Pulitzer Prize nominees, to National Best Selling authors and large talent booking agencies – we work with a lot of folks, and we’ll give your book the same attention!

Mr Gauger is an accomplished radio and TV writer with too many credits to list here along with numerous national and best seller authors audio book productions. This author can be contacted at or 615-300-5030. Mr Gauger works with small business to very large national brands and books and you may visit the author’s website at