As the ecReelMusician Film smalleronomy takes its twists and turns and with many authors wishing to place their next book into CD format and recorded for instant mp3 downloads and marketing ventures, the road to success can become blurred and difficult to follow, especially with tightened funds. And as a former talent booking agent with the William Morris Agency and founder of, I know the difficulties and the financial hurdles that can be in play.  Let me share some insights that will help to make your next audio book both affordable and a success!

First, let’s get right to it – let’s talk about costs. I can tell you from experience that audio book production costs are all over the board.  While most companies charge between $600 – $800 per hour of finished audio, there are more affordable ways to it.  And I can tell you that for a fact, that ReelMusicianPro is significantly more affordable than that. While I say that, I do not recommend, if you are serious about your book, buying a usb mic and trying to record it on a home computer. If you want people to take you seriously,  then don’t let them pay for an audio book where you hear computer fan noise, pops and plosives with a grissly high end sounding mic and where you or somebody else really isn’t a professional voice over talent – don’t let that be an option if you are really serious about the success of your book. And don’t be fooled – again I say that you can get a decently recorded audio book without mortgaging your home. I know this for a fact, because folks are really surprised when they listen to our, and I’m obviously biased, but great sounding voice over talent online and then call to get a quote.

Second, beware of online indie publishing companies that suggest that they put x amount of money into the deal, mostly “creative” time or website development and book trailer money and not real out of pocket expense money, and then you put in a sum of money – this is really part of their profit and not adding to the upfront costs associated with truly marketing a book. There’s a lot of good folks out there, just beware of this scenario.

Third, you can self publish your own book and put the time and energy into it, without paying the indie publishing company, and get the same results.  Creating online accounts with Amazon, Barnes and Noble and a number of other online retail outlets isn’t that difficult and neither is setting up a website. There are plenty of companies that can help you with a book trailer including our own.

Fourth, always aim to do it right. Do not settle for second rate talent and production. While on the topic as a side note it is significantly more affordable to have one voice over read your book then trying to cover all of the characters with different voice over talent – just fyi. And if I were you, I would always ask for a sample of the prospective reader, read part of your book for verification prior to beginning of production.

Fifth and final, don’t chins on music. If want to look larger than life from a marketing perspective, then always get great music. Like a movie it can really make it or break it. So don’t settle for library music that doesn’t quite fit the tone and genre of your book.

Mr Gauger is an accomplished radio and TV writer with too many credits to list here along with numerous national and best seller authors audio book productions. This author can be contacted at or 615-300-5030. Mr Gauger works with small business to very large national brands and books and you may visit the author’s website at