Recording an audio book, with a reputable music production company, depending on the word count, takes a little bit of money.  Duplication costs can be even more, but can be minimized, though, depending on how and where you are going to sell your audio book.

1) Determine whether you need to have hard copy CDs duplicated. Some feel that they can get enough exposure with downloadable mp3s, through various websites, and minimize CD duplication costs altogether.  Others, for various reasons, need to have actual CDs available.

2) If you need to have actual CDs available, you might consider your demographics of who is going to be purchasing and listening, to see if you can use 128 kbps mp3s and duplicate those onto the CD (much smaller files, with most books fitting onto a CD or two).  One of the drawbacks to this approach, is while almost every vehicle that has been made for the last few years will have a CD player that will read mp3 files as well as wav 44/16, many of the older vehicles, will report an error message and will not play the CD when trying to read the mp3 files.  But to over come that, many will have a few wav 44/16 (traditional CD files) CD sets available for the few who can’t play them in their cars, and save them possibly hundreds of dollars going this route.

3)  When looking at a CD duplication company, look for those who can give you a deal on both the duplication and the housing or the setting up of a shopping cart area for your audio book.  This can sometimes save you money over time.  Not all duplicators have this service, but some do, and is worth checking out.

4) Look at ways where you can either partner with another company or instead of setting up a shopping cart on your own website, coming in at closer to $20 a month with some web hosting companies, look at marketing your book on a traditional website (more affordable and sometimes free) and link to either PayPal or Google Checkout. You will incur some processing costs, but may be worth it as you see how your audio book will sell.

Feel free to contact this Grammy Nominated author with any questions on audio book book recording or audio book duplication questions.  Tom Gauger can be reached at 615-300-5030 or  Tom has worked on many audio book productions, from pulitzer Prize to best selling authors and most recently “The Hope Diamond” which will be seen and heard at the Smithsonian in Washington DC and Grammy nominated!