1)  Don’t try to record your own audio book if you really want a professional product.  The notion that “Because I am the author, I can put more feel into my own book”, rarely holds true for a number of reasons.  You might have more of a feel for the content, but between an audio facility that is probably not near professional with a poor usb condenser mic, inadequate sound proofing, and without experience to know just where the mic should be placed to minimize recording artifacts, is usually the case.  Saving money to record one’s own book rarely yields the profits that a great sounding audio book production can.

2)  Don’t skimp, get the audio book trailer produced.  A great sounding audio book trailer, can be placed on numerous sites and really has the ability to connect with a potential buyer, and push them to the shopping cart.

3)  Don’t get so involved in the creative process, that you take away from the book.  Many authors starting out, are so involved, that they let really good ideas from the production and voice over talent be pushed aside, because they have an immoveable image in their mind – which may be great if you have an unending budget, but for the average audio book and costs, let the talent you are working with, help guide the book to get the absolute best outcome.

4) Don’t settle for sizzle over content.  Content and quality are king, and almost always, the sizzle will follow with book sales.

5) Always be looking ahead for ways to connect with other websites, blog posts and potential online partnerships that can further your book as much or in some cases, more than just posting to iTunes and other “giant” retailers.  With the help of smaller websites and medium sized companies that you create partnerships with, your book will be viewed, more likely, many more times over, than where you can get lost with the larger retailers.

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